Colectivo Mur

performing arts company

(Cia)3, producer Transgenerational company formed in Mataró as a result of the show “Mur” with the idea of making it a long-term professional project.

Relationship with diversity:
Joaquim Aragó, administrator +34 664 22 01 50 [email protected]



Gender: Circus
Recommended age: All public years
Duration: 70 minutes
Release year: 2021
Diversity: After the great success and impact obtained with the show Mur, De tú a tú is the new integrative circus project directed by Nacho Flores. A show put together from different “binomials”, each one with artists with and without functional diversity and with its own director who is a specialist in a specific circus discipline. These binomials will take us on a journey to an introspection on the personal relationships that arise from duos, in addition to serving to delve deeper into techniques such as juggling, acrobatic carrying with skates, clowning or acrobatic cycling. Great artists from the Catalan scene are part of the artistic team of this super project. years
DETUATU is an approach to the intimate personal relationships that are born in the encounter between two people, between each of the duos or binomials of the show, formed by an artist with intellectual or physical (dis)ability and another artist also with his own functional diversity. , because after all we all function in a different way, even though this diversity is not classified. This new proposal wants to be, without a doubt, a manifesto and a demonstration of the equality of people, that we can and should look at each other from the same level, neither above nor below. Recognize and accept ourselves without filters, without scales, without prejudices, without unnecessary compassion, and with sincerity and without fear, face to face. This is also the essence of the company. And we express all this.

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