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The city of Malaga is the center of an important communications hub, so getting to it is easy and accessible, regardless of the means of transport you wish to use.

Maria Zambrano RENFE Station

Its central location and its excellent communication with other types of transport have made the María Zambrano train station an interesting point of reference for both travel and leisure in Málaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol. The train station is located next to the bus station, 2 km from the port of Malaga and 9 km from Malaga airport, with which it is connected to the commuter train C-1.

information, book tickets, change or cancel them:
912 320 320

Disabled passengers
912 140 505

General information
912 432 343


Malaga airport

Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport is one of the most important in Spain, connected to the main cities of the world. Located just eight kilometers from the historic center of the city, it stands out for its modern terminals and its wide range of shops. Malaga airport receives around 14 million passengers a year, which places it as the gateway for all of Andalusia. Currently, more than 50 airlines operate in its facilities.

Avenida Garcia Morato s/n, 29004 Malaga
Telephone: 902 404 704
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.aena.es

Malaga bus station

The bus station is located in a central place in the city, and its communication with other important means of communication is also easy. In fact, it is located next to the María Zambrano railway station, and the bus to the Airport also passes through there. Its facilities are spacious, its passenger dock accommodating a large number of buses, with travelers always sheltered by a canopy and arcades that will protect them from possible inclement weather.

The station operates with companies destined for the cities and towns of Malaga, Andalusia and the rest of Spain at a national level. But it also works with companies with origin and destination in Europe and that can even provide passage and stopover for North Africa.

Paseo de los Tilos s/n. CP 29006 Malaga
e-mail: [email protected] Information on destinations, companies, prices and schedules of the different intercity bus lines
Switchboard phone: 952 35 00 61
Web page: www.estabus.emtsam.es

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