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It is true that as Puppets of María Parrato we have been showing our proposals on stages for twenty-five years, with shows such as: “The Adventures of Pepitín”, “Many Moons Ago”, “Christmas Song”, “The Spotted Cat and the Swallow Sinha ", "Don't be scared by my name", "Ping. The bird that did not know how to fly”, “Palabras de Caramelo”, “Paths”, “Chickens and muffins”, “The old man and the sea”, “Wings” and our latest production “The artistic chicken, or the pumpkins of Tomás” . We have traveled almost all of Spain and many countries in Europe, America and Asia. It is true that our productions have received a large number of awards and prizes: best show at TEATRALIA, at FETEN, at the FIRA de TITELLES in LLEIDA, the MAX, the NATIONAL AWARD... That we have directed shows for other companies such as: “La casa del grandfather” by La Rous, “Little, small” by Gurdulu Teatro, “Clara embroidered letters” by Mai Teatro Cia or “Retales” by Yarleku Teatro. But it is also true that all this has not made us give up a philosophy, a way of doing things, a way of understanding theater because: “We want to continue playing. It seems that when you stop growing you no longer play. We have already grown but we want to continue playing. Maybe there is a way to grow that cannot be seen... Maybe we can grow inward... We would like to have our whole life to play. Although we are adults we have that need to be free. All this we want, all this we hope for and find on the scene. We play like children. We create worlds to explore and it turns out that we daydream. What a beautiful thing to share a dream… a created but true reality. A fictitious experience but one that feeds even more. A shared dream. A dream multiplied by all of us who are in the theater. Nature (ours) flows along the paths of the uncertain, the new, the important... You let yourself go and wake up renewed. Those next door… too.”
Relationship with diversity:
Gender: Theater
Recommended age: All public years
Duration: 55 minutes
Release year: 2020
Country: SPAIN
Diversity: "Alas" is an inclusive theater show where the protagonist has intellectual diversity and one of the other two actresses has a recognized hearing loss.
When Jaime and Simón find Ángel, they don't care that he is different, a friendship will be born between them so deep that it will make them discover a new and unknown world. Thanks to this, they will finally be able to be the sole owners of their destiny. In our hands is the power to build possibilities in...

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