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ANIMAL RELIGION is a circus company interested in finding new paths within contemporary circus and interdisciplinarity. His three axes of work are the body, light and music. In his 10-year career he has put on 9 shows of very different formats, he has collaborated with more than 30 artists from all over, he has received commissions from the TNC, Fira Tàrrega, Mercat de les Flors, Festival TNT and the Auditorium of Barcelona. He has received awards and recognitions, to highlight the City of Barcelona Special Award for the show Sifonòfor in 2016.
Relationship with diversity:
James Nieto


Hello hands and feet...

Gender: Dance
Recommended age: years
Duration: 90 minutes
Release year: 2021
Diversity: Relaxed performance for the TEA audience of '…And ideas fly' years
A sensitive, raw, beautiful and changeable space awaits the public. Movement, music and light play in a circle giving rise to a unique and special moment. Curiosity is the driving force behind Hello, hands and feet… A shared space for a relaxed function or relaxed performance where objects, bodies and ideas are the protagonists. An empty circle meets us upon our arrival. There, through gesture, sound, gaze or touch, they invite us to discover fascinating scenes of light, music, games, humor and acrobatics. Hello, hands and feet... is a version of the artistic proposal... and ideas fly, by Animal Religion. This company, which works to innovate in the circus and seek new means of expression, also approaches the diversity of audiences seeking inclusiveness and equal access to artistic experiences. In this function, people with special needs and neurodiverse are welcome, thus offering a welcoming and open space that is built between the public, Espacio Abierto and the artists themselves.

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