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Jornadas sobre la Inclusión Social y la Educación en las Artes Escénicas. Libro conmemorativo X aniversario

Book /
Author/s: Various authors
Editorial: INAEM
Publication date: 2018
Topics: Conferences, INAEM
This publication, which commemorates the tenth anniversary of the Conference on Social Inclusion and Education in the Performing Arts, constitutes a recapitulation of the path taken so far, but, above all, a commitment to the permanence of an annual event that is already essential in...

Dance, access and inclusion : perspectives on dance, young people and change /

Article /
Author/s: Kirsty Johnston Patrick Lonergan; Kevin J., Wetmore,
Editorial: RoutledgeEdit
Publication date: 2018
Topics: dance
The arts have a crucial role in empowering young people with special needs through diverse dance initiatives. Inclusive pedagogy that integrates all students in rich, equitable and just dance programs within education frameworks is occurring alongside enabling projects by community groups and in the professional dance world where many high-profile...
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